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About Tom McKernan and the development of the MacBac

Understanding Your Pelvic Trauma

Case Studies: Resolving Activity Based Back Pain
Linking Chronic Pain Treatment And Pelvic Trauma
How The Hips And Lower Back Pain Are Related
Chronic Back Pain Relief Research And The MacBac
Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment Research With The MacBac

Remedial Exercises

Exercises For Lower back Pain Using The MacBac Remedial
Core Strength Training With The MacBac
Using The MacBac For Core Strengthening Exercises
Managing Lower Back And Pelvic Pain To A Thing Of The Past
Proven Exercise Results for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

The MacBac Remedial and MacBac Core

How The MacBac Remedial Works To Free Lower Back Pain
How The MacBac Remedial Works
The History and Development Of the MacBac
Abdominal Exercise Machines And The MacBac Revolution

Using The MacBac Core To Measure Your True Fitness

Case Studies

Real Life Experiences With Life Changing Results

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Explore my MacBac Case Studies and discover how pelvic trauma from every-day activity has changed lives for the better.