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Remedies for Lower Back Pain
- the MacBac Revolution

If you are like me, there were no remedies for lower back pain that helped me.  So I created my own, with the MacBac Remedial! Here's how this surprising success story developed.

Prior to making the first Macbac, I tried many remedies for my lower back pain including muscular workouts to fix my ‘weak’ back. The assumption being that because my lower back produced severe pain when I moved particular ways, or if I lifted anything the ‘wrong’ way, I simply needed to rejuvenate these weak muscles.

But I could not do ‘sit-ups’ without experiencing small sharp pains in my l5-s1 region.

Inventor Tom McKernan shares how
he discovered and developed the MacBac.

In the beginning..

In 1997 I began doing real simple abdominal tensing exercises, by pushing a reversed T bar into my stomach and holding it there, with my abs tensed as hard as I could.

Surprise, surprise, working my really weak abs produced some control over my chronic back pain. I persisted with these workouts and my pain symptoms diminished. But eventually my arms could not hold enough pressure against my tensed abs and when another bout of ‘bend the wrong way' severe lower back pain occurred, I became very desperate.

Obviously the recent abdominal muscular workouts that I had done, gave me a direction to focus on. Somehow, I needed to locate a rigid block of solid material, onto my abdominal muscles and do whatever it took to really rejuvenate these muscles.

My first ‘to-do’ was make a contoured back plate, which would act as an anchor for the front plate. All the while my lower back produced pains for any reason. I made a small sand box and lay on the soft sand, to give me an impression of my lower back and lumber region. Then I made a plaster cast from this impression. The plaster cast was then used to make a mould that duplicated my lower backs shape. I poured a fluid material into this mould and waited for it to set.

When the moulded back plate hardened, I cleaned it up some and fitted four anchoring brackets to it.

Then, I wrapped the Macbac about my lower trunk and tensed my abds. Wow, I felt supported and the pain symptoms abated. When I relaxed, I felt fragile and the pains returned. ‘O.K. keep doing what works, because there is nothing out there to fix me’, I thought.

Using the Macbac for the first time..

In the first week I did multiple Macbac workouts each day and my pain symptoms lessened from intermittent 7s to intermittent 3s.  (The scale of pain is usually measured from 1 to 10, with 1 being uncomfortableness and 10 being  excruciating pain).

Week 2 I upped the exercising time and pressure the Macbac applied to my lower trunk. Yes, yes, my chronic pain symptoms abated more and I felt supported every time I did the workouts.  
Week 3 I upped the exercising time further and increased the plate pressure further. Again the chronic pain symptoms abated further.

So I simply continued doing Macbac workouts as often as I could. This was easy for me because the Macbac could be worked from a sedentary position and I needed to drive long distances most days. At last, I began to believe I could be finding an alternative to the existing remedies for lower back pain.

Over the next three months, my lower back, back and sciatic pain symptoms all diminished. My core strength had increased, to the point of making my lower trunk more stable than I could remember.
Six months into the daily Macbac workouts, something in my lower back moved.

I was just walking about the garage when it happened and I felt severe pain. If I had taken pain relief drugs matters would have been easier for me, but I was determined to either fix myself, or die trying. [ I was tempted though].

Re Aligned..

After 2 weeks my lower back and back felt ok and walking, bending and general work did not produce the lower back and back pains anymore. It was not like somebody switched on the lights though, but rather a short muscular and ligament healing process. What had occurred when ‘the something moved in my lower back’, was my sacrum plate sliding almost back into proper alignment, with my right hip.

To me it was obvious, because I could now lay on my stomach and not feel the sharp dagger like pains in l5-s1 region. Also, I could jump up and down as much as I wanted, without producing severe l5-s1 pains. I walked straight and my sciatic symptoms lessened and shifted, and the former lower back pain symptoms were gone. My lower trunk was stable and almost pain free.  I was finally out of lower back pain hell.
My former chronic lower back, l5-s1 and sciatic symptoms, were from a pelvic trauma injury that I had, at age 13.

34 years later, my abs pulled the mal-aligned bones back into proper alignment.

Offering Remedies for Lower Back Pain to others..

I started to offer this remedial process to others, and further developed the MacBac for people who could not fix their own lower back, back, leg socket, sciatic, neck and core strength problems.

Actual lower trunk physiology, regarding muscular governed structural force dynamics became a subject dear to my heart. I wrote papers and sought involvement of others, but without success. Concisely said, the pelvic framework flexes, in response to the muscle groups that are anchored to it.

The abs and glutes pull the structure together and outwardly, respectively. These are lower trunks stabalizing muscles. The lumber and thigh muscle groups pull the pelvis apart. No way of saying it in latin, or any nice way. Your back and leg muscles apply large pull forces to your pelvis bones. The only mechanism keeping your bodys foundation in proper working alignment, is your abs and glutes.

Ligament tissue strength plays an import part to, but that is totally and completely dependent on your abdominal strength. In lower back remedial procedures, nobody is getting better, or going anywhere, prior to effectively rejuvenating their core strength.

People without back/lower back pain symptoms, can use the Macbac to rejuvenate their core strength.  If you are an athlete  the Macbac gives you the ability to intensely work your abdominals for increased core strength.

People with lower back, back, neck, leg socket and sciatic pain symptoms, use the Macbac to rejuvenate their core strength and fix what is really just mal-aligned pelvic bones.

Welcome to the world of actual lower trunk physiology, measurable core strength rejuvenation and muscular governed pain control.

  • Sports and work caused back, lower back pain symptoms? Get into a Macbac and fix yourself. [10 to 15 minutes]
  • Chronic lower back, back, neck, sciatic and poor posture challenged? Get into a Macbac.  Do the static contraction exercise routines to work your way out of hell.

Explore my MacBac Case Studies and discover how pelvic trauma from every-day activity has changed lives for the better.

Case Study: Che. Hema
Che. had tried everything - magnetic belts, roller balls but the MacBac did the job.


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