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The MacBac Remedial:
Freeing Lower Back Pain

Something so simple and it works

The MacBac is unlike any available abdominal exercise machine. Used with it's distinctive exercise routine, it rejuvenates the muscles that govern core strength.  This is the beginning of lasting stability and pain elimination.

What happens? The exercising, together with the Remedial unit, re-establishes lower back stability as it effectively relieves lower back and back pain.


MacBac Remedial + Exercise = Back Pain Relief

1. MacBac exercised abdominal muscles that locate inside the pelvic structure, perform structural stabilising and aligning functions as they strengthen.

2. MacBac Remedial exercising transfers both the abdominal and chest muscular forces generated, into ligament stretching actions, by pulling the hips inwardly. For example, when your abdominals are tensed against the front plate, their retractile actions generate large inward pull forces, between your the hip bones.

In turn, these muscular inward directional pull forces translate into ligament stretching actions, as solid hip bones and sacrum bones are pulled together.

3. This muscular to ligament energy transfer, directly increases lower back stability. This characteristic of  subtle hip flexing is the opposite result to what happens to many older people, as they age. We hope to reverse that characteristic of old age, as our business develops.

4. Effective MacBac Remedial exercising, requires seriously intense, combined abdominal and chest exertion. However, what someone aged 65 and what a 35 year old person call serious, tends to be equally beneficial!

Man demonstrating exercises with the MacBac RemedialLower back pain treatment
with the MacBac Remedial

Abdominal Force + Resistance  + Time = Back Pain Relief

5. Exercise routines, involve the abdominals and other core strength muscles being tensed and pushed outwardly, against an immovable resistance (the MacBac), for measured time periods.

The opposite directional forces display at the hip bones.

6. Abdominal and associated core strength muscles, quickly rejuvenate during this stimulation. Exercising also causes localized blood pressure variations, which beneficially increase the circulation in the lower back region.

This is similar to water flowing out off and into a sponge, when it is squeezed and released.

7. The amount of resistance plus the degree of retractile force exerted, plus time this force is applied, determine muscular and bonding ligament strength gains.

8. Bone moving muscle groups strengthen according to the weight moved. Abdominals and associated core strength muscles strengthen, according to the degree of force exerted.

Both strength gradients can be measured in weight units.

Many years ago, I was diagnosed with a lower back injury, from lifting wood, which had left me with repetitive sciatica problems. These problems manifested by numbness in both legs and a minor aching, rather than severe pain, and were at first intermittent in nature, depending on the activities which I undertook. Sitting for long periods especially led to the problem flaring.

It was common in the morning to wake with these problems – so much so that I often had to use a walking stick.

After a short time of using the S.A.M, these problems disappeared. The longer I use the S.A.M. regularly, the longer it takes for the discomfort to reappear. More...

David W

Ensuring Your Pelvic Health

9. Your pelvic structure is a force responsive framework of bones that are held together by ligament tissue. Six muscle groups which anchor to the hips and sacrum bones, all play a roll in alignment and stability of the complete structure.

Abdominals are the least understood and most ignored muscles, regarding the pelvic structure. And yet, they definitely play the most important role.

Simple Macbac Remedial exercising frequently switches off back pain symptoms, because it allows the abdominals and associate core strength muscles to do their health restoring functions.

10. The two causes of back pain symptoms became apparent, during the Macbac Remedial exercising trials.

The first cause is due to activities, such as hard labouring work, excessive trunk muscle work and excessive sedentary use. Odd as it may appear, pace bowlers, office workers and sports people, all experience activity caused back pain. The pelvic structural response to each distinctive activity, is the common factor.

For example, when a pace bowler delivers the ball, all the body muscular forces that went into the delivery, has an equal, but opposite set of forces, capable of pulling the pelvic frame into particular back pain producing shapes.

With office workers, truck drivers, taxi drivers, etc, excessive sedentary activities result in the hips being pushed out of alignment. It get worse, because multiple hours of sitting on your pelvic structure is making the abdominal muscles weaken.

Concisely said, excessive upward push force to the hip bones, plus near zero inward pull force to the hip bones, displaces the hip bones. Tour De France cyclists ‘double up’ with activity caused back pain, by strenuously working their thigh muscles while being seated for multiple hours.

Using the pelvic structural muscular force dynamics model, back pain is explained as the thigh muscle groups dragging the hips forward and down, with gravity constantly pushes the hips upward, as the lumber muscles pull the hips forward and upward. All these odd ball forces are occurring, WITHOUT any supportive inward pulling forces being applied by the abdominal muscles.

The back pain these athletes experience is pure and simple pelvic mis-alignment. Ten minutes of intense Macbac Remedial exercise routines, to switched off the back pain by restoring proper hip alignment.  

Pelvic trauma injuries are cause number two. When an externally applied force traumatises the pelvic structure, which is after all, a force absorbing framework of bones, this root cause is established.

When an external force mal-aligns a hip bones, the complete structure stays mal-aligned until these bones are forced back into their proper structural alignment. Falling off a horse caused my pelvic structure to become mal-aligned and it is the cause of many similar chronic back/hip/leg/sciatic health disorders

Failure to fix pelvic mal-alignments is very common. The symptoms to chronic pelvic mal-alignment range from, twisted hips, chronic leg socket pain, chronic back pain, disproportionate compression of l5-s1 disc, adverse spinal curvature, chronic neck pain, chronic sciatic pain, twisted gait, chronic lower back pain and chronic distress.

11. Since 1998, MacBac Remedial exercise routines fix this cause 70% to 90% of the time and eliminated many, or all of the symptoms . However, with bone and particular soft tissue degeneration, MacBac remedial exercising fails to eliminate those symptoms.  

However, these findings open a wide door that needs to be investigated and I expect many aged professionals in the back care realm would agree.

12. Whilst far more research is required to eliminate this health disorder, a few fine examples are displayed in this site.

Examples range from

  • a man doing 20 minutes of intense  Macbac Remedial exercising, to fix a thirteen year back pain problem

  • another man that did six months of daily Macbac Remedial exercising, to fix a disproportionately compressed l5-s1 disc.

Back pain happens for a variety of reasons and not all causes are treatable. But regarding work, sport and particular chronic lower back pain types, effective and lasting treatment exists in the Macbac remedial  process.

I started using the Sam on a daily basis, very lightly. I now suffer very little hip and lower back pain after a days work. More...

Gary Hislop

Explore my MacBac Case Studies and discover how pelvic trauma from every-day activity has changed lives for the better.

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