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Using The MacBac Core To Measure
Your True Foundational Strength

Welcome to the revolutionary world of Macbac Core, where you can measure your core, abdominal and chest strength in kilogram and/or pound force gradients. No more dinosaur cave men guessing! This is cutting edge science.

It's Simple To Use The MacBac Core


Get the edge over other people, in health, employment and sports, by standing out as a person that has the numbers.

Why The MacBac Core Is Beneficial For Coaches

As you will see from the instructions below, coaches, athletes and sports people have the opportunity to take advantage with three real time strength gradients.

They need to know low and high core, chest and abdominal strength measures that relate to poor and great performances. The difference in the MacBac Core is that they are making  decisions based on sensed data, verses decisions based upon last weeks performance.

For example, I can produce 115 kilograms of core strength after a short warm up with the Macbac gear. When I’m slightly off with a cold, my core strength drops to 73 kilograms, in less than 12 hours.

What coach is going to persist with obsolete information, to win, when real time fitness and strength measuring tools are available? The excuse of "we didn't like how he described his ground breaking core strength products", will not pacify the loosing side's directors. Especially after the winning sides coaches have been using these products to fine trim and enhance their team members capabilities.

In this facet of my breakthrough discoveries and products, I am only recently testing the benefits to sports and athletes. I’ll back any high achiever that gives me the chance and can pay their way.

I have zero time for the ordinary and the reluctant. That goes for health remedial, sports advancement and athletic achievements. If this facet of what I’m about fails to ignite, then it’s onto the elderly and teaching them how to easily and safely, rejuvenate their core strength, chest strength and abdominal strength.

Why go there you may ask? Because they want to be self supported, as will the professionals that will soon be numbered in this group of over the hill people. Frankly, I care.

How to get started with the MacBac Core

To measure, or exercise and measure your core, abdominal and chest muscular strength, by using Macbac Core:

  1. Sit in the Macbac Core seat and adjust the seat height to locate your soft tissue abdominals, opposite the sensory front plate.

  2. Use the two wide handles, either side of the sensory plate shaft, to slide the sensory plate firmly into your abdominals.

  3. The sensory plate needs to locate exclusively on soft abdominal tissue, which usually requires further seat height adjustment. If the sensory plate presses on any bone, re-adjust your seat height.

  4. Next step is to engage the sensory preload, which is done by swinging the short preload lever upwards and over, towards yourself.

    Avoid clamping the sensory plate over bone, because this produces pain and greatly reduces your actual core strength gradient. It is normal to mis-align the sensor plate at the beginning, but it is not rocket science. Play with the gear until you become familiar with handling the equipment.

    Also, excessive preload pressure can produce pain and to fix this, swing the preload lever back to its neutral position. Allow main shaft to release by tripping the lock arm. Now pull the sensor slide mechanism back into your soft tissue mid trunk region and apply less main shaft pressure.

    Again, pull the sensory shaft arms towards your self and locate the sensor less firmly, into your abdominals. Swing the pre-load lever up and prepare to measure your bodies crucial strength gradients. If pressure pain still exists, reset according the instructions above.

  5. The most accurate and highest strength gradients are believed to result, through firm sensory plate pressure against the abdominals. Switch Macbac Core display screen on and do 4 to 5 macbac remedial exercise routines.


  6. 4 to 5 Macbac abdominal exercising routines, ought to be sufficient to ‘warm’ the abdominal muscles and relocate food matter.

  7. That done and a firm pressure is still applied to your mid region, it is now time to push outwardly with your abdominals, against the sensor plate. Hold your breath as you do this and watch the display screen for your core strength gradient reading.

    Tap the display screen at the ‘abdominal strength’, breath out and relax your chest muscles. A smaller strength gradient will display now and this is your abdominal muscular strength.

    Relax and release the pre load pressure, then tap the chest strength tab. Three strength gradients will display, in now time and historical time. Three graphical time lines also display.  Your efforts in the gym, or lack of them clearly display in pounds, or kilograms of weight.

  8. Release the pre load by swinging the lever outward and down. Release the sensory pressure by pulling the release trigger.

  9. Press the CHEST tab after completing the first two measurements. Your chest muscular strength will display on the Macbac Core screen and on your iPhone screen.

  10. All three strength measurements can be displayed on your own iPhone screen, or any Macbac Core equipment, world wide.

Plus - there is an App coming. Here's how it will work...

Follow the instructions to download our app to your iPhone or other electronics, for a permanent record of your now time and historical time, core, abdominal and chest strength gradients.

This app provides you with crucial health information, that gives you, or your doctor, or employer, or coach the confidence that you have what it takes.

When you iPhone is paired to Macbac Core, your abdominal, core and chest strength gradients will automatically transfer to the phone, every time you use MacBac core, anywhere in the world.

This app displays your historical core, abdominal and chest strength gradients and your current now time strength gradients.

Graphical displays for each strength gradients are also displayed.

Explore my MacBac Case Studies and discover how elimination of pelvic trauma from every-day activity, has changed lives for the better.

Explore my MacBac Case Studies and discover how pelvic trauma from every-day activity has changed lives for the better.

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to own, hire or use the MacBac in your own business and home.

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