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Proven Exercises For Sciatic Nerve Pain

Proven results from exercises for sciatic nerve pain caused by a mal-aligned hip/s. See what's new, what's natural, and what's tried and true for sciatic nerve pain relief using the MacBac Remedial.

The MacBac Remedial: Treating the cause of sciatic nerve pain, not the symptoms

Case Study: Simon Sheridan 

Simon first spoke with me about his sciatic nerve pain, in December 2016.

With Macbac Remedial EXERCISES FOR SCIATIC NERVE PAIN he got sciatic nerve pain relief.  Continual use of the Macbac remedial exercise routines, consolidated his restored hip alignment by effectively increasing his core strength.


Are You Desperate To Relieve Your Sciatic Nerve Pain?
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Case Study: David Wells

This proven sciatica exercise routine eliminated David Wells' chronic sciatica. 

Dear Tom,
I was many years ago diagnosed with a lower back injury, from lifting wood, which had left me with repetitive sciatica problems.

These problems were manifested in numbness in both legs and a minor aching, rather than severe pain, and were at first intermittent in nature, depending on the activities which I undertook.

Sitting for long periods especially led to the problem flaring.
It was common in the morning to wake with these problems – so much so that I often had to use a walking stick.
After a short time of using the S.A.M, these problems disappeared. I, like some others, have not been as assiduous as I should have been, but I will describe my experience briefly.

At first use, a discomfort in my lower back, which settles down after a few days. The numbness disappears and there is little or no discomfort.
After a day or so, without using the S.A.M, there is a tingling sensation in the lower area of my back and on the second, or third day, the numbness and pain returns. Two days of using the S.A.M. and it disappears.
The longer I use the S.A.M. regularly, the longer it takes for the discomfort to reappear.
I use the S.A.M in the morning, when I remember at lunch time at work, and in the evening.

After the first couple of times there was no discomfort in the appliance. It is particularly useful to use when I’m driving – thereby altering this facet of my life style from causing discomfort, to fixing it!
I like it and will continue to use it.

Case Study: Brett Rosel

Brett discovered sciatic nerve pain relief with the drug-free technology of the MacBac.


Tom McKernan's Own Story

How I discovered and created the MacBac Remedial
and the related exercises for sciatic nerve pain.

Prior to making the first Macbac, I tried many remedies for my lower back pain including muscular workouts to fix my ‘weak’ back. The assumption being that because my lower back produced severe pain when I moved particular ways, or if I lifted anything the ‘wrong’ way, I simply needed to rejuvenate these weak muscles.

But I could not do ‘sit-ups’ without experiencing small sharp pains in my l5-s1 region.

Discover the reset of the story of how Tom's lower back pain went from ouch to wow!

Explore my MacBac Case Studies and discover how pelvic trauma from every-day activity has changed lives for the better.

Please contact us
to own, hire or use the MacBac in your own business and home.

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