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Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief
Using The MacBac Remedial

These exercises for lower back pain using the MacBac Remedial will help your body realign and adjust from sitting for long periods, or repetitively lifting, placing strain on your lower back.

Why Sitting All Day is Not Good For Us

You may have visited your chiropractor or physiotherapist to fix misalignments by levering the hips about. In the short term back pains cease because all of the lumbar muscles can relax but, by ignoring the muscles that govern lower back stability and alignment, many people live in a back pain ground hog day realm.

Am I describing you? Here's the problem...

Drawing of figure sitting at tableLong hours sitting can
cause pelvic trauma

For many of us, we don’t necessarily want to change our job, but it has us spending 8 hours or more in a seated position, which is not healthy for our bodies.
We are born to stand, walk and run. Sitting at a desk for long periods of time is not what the human body was designed for.

Even in an ergonomic desk chair, there is pressure on the spine and through the hips as you spend all day sitting. The same problems exist for those who spend long periods driving as taxi or truck drivers, or those who lift, turn and twist all day long with heavy loads, like baggage handlers, removalists and delivery people.

Added to the sedentary hours spent at a desk or in a seated position as a driver, are the issues of

  • Slouching through the shoulders
  • Slumping forward from the hips (not using the core muscles)
  • Leaning back in a chair (again not making use of core strength)
  • Looking down for extended periods (especially for office workers) 
  • Incorrect lifting action, or twisting and turning while lifting

The result is lower back problems, loss of abdominal strength and a population of back pain sufferers.

So, if this IS you, relief is at hand…

Let me introduce the MacBac, a simple yet effective exerciser for your abdominal muscles to rejuvenate from. Get your core back as you eliminate back pain and rebuild the muscles in control of back pain central.

Simon Sheridan demonstrates how the MacBac fits around the waist.Simon Sheridan demonstrates
how the MacBac fits

How The MacBac Solves Long Term Problems

MacBac workouts provide abdominal muscular regeneration and equal improvements in ligament core strength. The workouts fix hip and sacrum misalignments by making the abdominals, through increased muscular strength, ‘pull’ the hips inwardly.

My exercises for lower back pain allow hip bone/s to settle back into proper alignment, where all lumbar muscles can relax, freeing you from back pain.

Tom McKernan, Inventor

Exercises for Lower Back Pain to Improve Core Strength

Here are two generic case studies that demonstrate how simple and effective it is to use a MacBac. 

Taxi Driver

He stands out of his cab and wraps his MacBac about his lower trunk region. It’s already adjusted to his girth, so he just throws the over center clips forward and starts doing the tense, hold, and relax workouts.

He breathes in a full chest of air and holds his breath, as he tenses his abs. His back feels real good and his strong abs revitalize him from the inside. No more pain sitting all through the night for this driver.

He’s got a MacBac and knows just how to make it work for his body’s needs.

For truck drivers, taxi drivers and such people, doing Macbac workouts while driving turns a pain producing occupation into a pain eliminating occupation.

Abdominal muscular regeneration and core strength ligament regeneration are particularly beneficial to sedentary workers, because excessive sedentary activities naturally cause weakening of both the abdominal muscles and the ligament tissues.

Truck Driver

‘A truck driver gets into his truck, after helping to load it. His back hurts because he over did it, so he wraps a MacBac about his lower trunk, adjusts it for a firm fit and throws the over centre clips forward.

Then he tenses his abdominal muscles and keeps them tensed for 8-10 seconds. He relaxes, then starts his truck and drives out of the yard. He continues to do more 8-10 second workouts as he drives. His back pain symptoms diminish and cease.

Then he opens the over centre clips and fully relaxes, with the MacBac lightly sitting on his mid trunk region.

 After an hour, he throws the over centre clips forward and does another 15 minutes of tense and hold type workouts, to further increase his core strength and abdominal strength. When he jumps out his truck, his back feels good and he moves with fluid motion.

No body stiffness, but he need to go to the toilet because all the MacBac workouts moved the food in his stomach. He breaths in with a full chest of cool air, as he senses his stronger chest muscles doing what they do best.'

Please contact us
to own, hire or use the MacBac in your own business and home.

Explore my MacBac Case Studies and discover how pelvic trauma from every-day activity has changed lives for the better.

Please contact us
to own, hire or use the MacBac in your own business and home.

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