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Enhancing Core Strengthening Exercises With The MacBac

If you have lower back pain, the MacBac core strengthening exercises produce a 95% fix it rate. MacBac workouts empower the abdominal muscles to re-align hips. 

You already know that core training with core strengthening exercises improve your sports performance, through:

  • The power of your legs, back and arms, coming from a powerfully stabilized foundation.
  • Where your explosive power dominates because you have the edge.
  • Your body’s foundational balance.
  • Improved resilience and reduced risk of pain draining injury.
  • An improved bodyline enabling you to better transfer energy from your core.

Your Core – Your Center of Power

Your core is known as your center of power for good reason.

The energy systems that flow through the body in Ayurvedic medicine are known as the ‘chakras’. The core chakra, or 1st chakra sits at the bottom of our spine right near our coccyx and is seen as the foundation of our system.

In terms of muscles the core is made up of four groups of abdominal muscles. The abdominals (rear and front) and then the obliques which together act to stabilize the spine, hips and pelvis. If you think about almost all athletic movements, they engage the core in some way.

The MacBac In position around the waistThe MacBac in position.

The MacBac for Core Strengthening Exercises

The way the MacBac works is simple, because abdominal muscles located between the hips rejuvenate when they are tensed. The MacBac loads up these muscles beyond their capability.

Tense and hold type workouts by these abdominal muscles to a Macbac, presents an extremely effective muscular regeneration platform because the abdominal muscles are exerting most, if not all their expansive force against a rigid front plate.

Some call the MacBac workouts isometric exercising and they could be right. These workouts allow the abs to pull the hips back into proper alignment, making MacBac workouts, active core strengthening exercises.

Why the hips move out of alignment is because muscular, or external forces exceed the stretch resistance of the ligament tissues that hold the hips together.
What I’m saying here is both simple and controversial. Athletes and laborers produce back pain symptoms when their lumbar muscles pull their hips out of proper alignment. Macbac workouts pull the hips back into proper alignment.

Hips out = back pain.
Hips in = pain free foundational integrity.

Office, taxi and most sedentary dominated occupations are prone to back and lower back pains because the force of their own body weight eventually mis-aligns their hip bones. As the lumbar muscles attach to these hip bones, the result is stretched and overly loose lumbar muscles.  Ten minutes of MacBac workouts usually stops these pain symptoms, because the abdominal muscles can apply the muscular grunt needed to haul the hips back into proper alignment. 

Athletes and laborers have the same back and lower back pain symptoms because their lumbar muscles pull their hips out of proper alignment. Identical MacBac workouts pull the hip bones back into proper alignment, which simply switches off the back and lower back pain symptoms. One big benefit with using the MacBac to switch off back and lower back pains is abdominal muscular strength gains and ligament strength gains. Both physiological gains increase lower back strength and stability.

Hips out = back pain
Hips in = fluid motion and no pain
Years of experience with clients doing Macbac workouts, has shown that working the abdominals with core strengthening exercises, simply allows abdominal muscles to gently pull the work and sport mal-aligned hip bones, back into proper alignment.

Cyclist Example

Road cyclists often experience mal-aligned hips, by way of lengthy time periods in the ‘saddle’, being all bent over and straining for first place. The back pain symptoms occur because lumber and thigh muscles pull the hip bones are out of proper alignment.

Ten minutes of doing MacBac workouts, usually fixes these back pain symptoms by fixing the Adversely Applied Force (AAF), hip mal-alignments. I have not had a failure so far!

You can read more about treating traumatic pelvic injury here. 

Explore my MacBac Case Studies and discover how pelvic trauma from every-day activity has changed lives for the better.

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