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Core Abdominal Exercises

How strong are your abdominal muscles? Want to use core abdominal exercises to improve your core strength to both improve your health, reduce back pain and help you move in a more fluid way?
Work your abdominal muscles to regenerate your vitals, physical capabilities and outright determination to live your life to its fullest. Rejuvenate your abdominals to build superior core strength gradients.
Macbac workouts specifically target the abdominal muscles so you can get the edge. Optimize your sporting performance by naturally strengthening the muscles, organs and vitality center of your body.
Fast, hard and intense sports demand peak power, based upon high grade core strength. You can cut it anyway that suits, but on the field your either have it, or you lose.

Get real with your core strength.  

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Sporting activities often include dynamic movements with high loading and resistance. This is where extra strength in the core region counts. Yes, it’s been a difficult area to exercise, prior to the Macbac. At the same time it is the pivotal point that provides so much strength to both your lower and upper body if you can have it working at its fullest potential.

Core Strength Training

Increased core strength has many benefits, particularly if you are involved in high level sport. The best aspect of Macbac exercising is that these workouts produce rapid abdominal muscular strength gains and lower trunk stability gains.

  • Gymnasts – core conditioning can aid you where legs need to be held in an elevated position, or for good elevation in floor routines.
  • Cyclists - increase the power of your legs through a strengthened core and have the ability to turn off the back pain that you get after hours in the saddle
  • Cricketers - increase strength and resilience for bowlers whose repetitive bowling action can pull hips out of alignment
  • Volleyballers – use your core to its maximum to transfer energy from the legs through to the upper body for jumping whether to block or for the perfect pike

  • Swimmers – engaging your core will give you a stronger line and improve your kicking and arm technique and thus increase speed and give you more powerful strokes

  • Runners – run smoother, faster and launch faster out of the blocks, all with increased core strength

  • Soccer and Football Players – increase stability and manage the contact you have with competitors with a core that gives you the edge. Improved power, balance, speed and fitness levels as well as explosive speed.

  • Mountain Climbers – activate your core muscles and enjoy the added power that it provides to your arms and legs when they leverage off your body

Injury Prevention

Many of the sports listed above involve dynamic movement and thus place high stress on muscles and ligaments, leaving participants prone to hip and lower back injury.

A strong and stable core through specific core abdominal exercises aids in injury prevention, as well improved recovery times, important for any athlete who is competing at a high level.

Explore my MacBac Case Studies and discover how pelvic trauma from every-day activity has changed lives for the better.

Case Study: Brett Rosel
After a career playing football, his core strength deteriorated plus other ailments causing pain and restriction.  After 4 weeks with the MacBac he could run normally again...


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