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Linking Chronic Back Pain
Treatment And Pelvic Trauma

This page provides a chronic back pain treatment using the MacBac Remedial by linking multiple back and leg and sciatic pain conditions to one root cause - pelvic trauma.

The Two Types Of Pelvic Trauma 

Obviously, not all chronic, back, pelvic and sciatic conditions result from untreated, pelvic trauma injuries. However, this site deals with the concept of multiple forms of hip to sacrum mal-alignments, as being the root cause.

In my experience, as the creator of the MacBac Remedial, the root cause of many chronic back conditions, results from PELVIC TRAUMA INJURIES. These are injuries that cause mal-alignment of hip to sacrum bone placement and appear as a consequence of severe internal, or external, force being applied to a pelvic structure.

It is important to point out the difference between both forms of Pelvic Trauma.

The first, covered on this page is caused by an external, traumatic event.

The second is caused by adverse, internal muscular combinations and/or long term sedentary activity based trauma, created as a result of consistent repetitive activity (including sitting).

External Traumatic Impacts

A traumatic event, such as falling from a horse, or more exactly, heavily colliding with hard ground, often result in a pelvic trauma injury type that I have personal experience with. Cowboys, royalty, jockeys and people that ride horses, are prone to this damage.

I have seen a few such people that stand out for their awkward gait and suspect that my remedial procedure is their one and only hope. 

Pelvic damage arising from a car, or motor bike crash, or falling out of a tree, provide clear examples of what severe external forces can do, to mal-align a persons pelvic structure.

Unfortunately, ineffective treatment of the resulting pelvic structural mal- alignments is common. Symptoms are treated as causes!

Guess what fails to happen for people that ignore the facts! In my experience, what happens is:

  • ‘permanent’, chronic back pain
  • or chronic sciatic pain
  • or adverse spinal curvature
  • or crooked hips
  • or disproportionate compression of l5-s1 disc
  • or twisted gait
  • or chronic neck pain
  • and a raft of emotional distress symptoms.

The above family of symptoms have been shown as the result from untreated and wrongly treated, external traumatic impacts. Unresolved, multiple forms of pelvic trauma injuries translate into multiple chronic conditions.

For example:

  • chronic lower back pain
  • chronic leg socket pain
  • chronic twisted gait
  • chronic sciatic pain
  • chronic disproportionate compression of l5-s1 disc
  • chronic back pain
  • or chronic neck pain

The good news is that as chronic as these symptoms are, rectifying the root cause where possible, can have the effect of eliminating those symptoms and the ongoing chronic back pain treatment. The MacBac Remedial is the basis of an extremely effective drug free, home-based and inexpensive treatment.

Does your expert symptom treatment involve your core strength increasing as you deal with the pain? Or is it just another day of holding out with pain, until you must get the symptom expert to easy your distress?

Restoration of proper hip to sacrum alignment, by simple exercising, has exposed a physiology that requires professional investigation. This physiology is titled; Pelvic Structural Muscular Force Dynamics. Jump to the page for a deeper explanation.

Case Study: Aaron McDonald

Notice how Aaron's neck difficulties nearly completely disappeared with his exercise program using the MacBac Remedial.


How Chronic Back Pain Treatment
Works With The MacBac Remedial

All of the symptoms shown above have been eliminated, by using the Macbac Remedial exercise routines.

Why? Because the MacBac Remedial abdominal exercise routines, clearly produce core strength gradients that measure up to 50 to 100 kilograms. Each exercise routine itself, empowers the abdominals to produce a matching force gradient that pulls, pelvic mal-alignment bones towards proper alignment.

Here's the big picture

Proper stabilized sacrum to hip alignment:

  • re-establishes proper spinal curvature [posture]
  • re-establishes proper lumber to spinal column muscle length, [exit back pain]


  • restores proper leg socket alignment, [exit leg socket pain]
  • sciatic nerve clearance, [exit sciatic pain]
  • restores normal gait.

PLUS, profound core strength gradients tend to stabilize the formerly damaged area.

How The MacBac Relieves Chronic Back Pain

So how does the MacBac work to relive chronic back and leg pain and associated ongoing conditions?

First, remember that the pelvic structure is the force exchange foundation of the spinal column and legs. Also remember that various forms of mal-alignment of pelvic bones occur and do not just heal, which in turn results in ‘distant’ health problems that also do not heal.

An easy analogy is to consider a four legged chair with a high back rest. The structural placement of spinal and leg bones are similar to the seat back rest and chair legs. Just as the alignment integrity of the chair's legs and back rest are governed by strong jointing and proper frame alignment, so to are spinal and leg physiology, directly governed by strong ligament tissue jointing properly aligned hip to sacrum bones.

Untreated and ineffectively treated pelvic trauma produce pelvic mal-alignments. These in turn can cause spinal, sciatic and leg problems, similar to how the legs and back rest respond to a loose jointed, distorted chair seat frame.

Leg length is OK, but the chair wobbles. Back rest is OK, but it creaks and moves when being used.   

Taking  human example, with loose, mal-aligned hips:

  • actual leg length may be ok, but the gait can be crooked
  • and/or, spinal curvature mal-adjusts
  • lumber muscles stretch/shorten
  • and /or, disc compression shifts off centre
  • and/or, leg socket pressure shifts off proper alignment
  • and/or, sciatic nerves become squashed.

Further, the reason why the above symptoms can be periodical, is due to the natural force flexing actions of the hip and sacrum bones.

As affected people age and their core strength weakens, pelvic instability and hip flexing range increase. This in turn increases both pain frequency and intensity.

Consider what happens to the chair's legs and back rest when the screws break in a mis-jointed seat frame. Any pressure on the seat frame produces huge changes to the back rest and chair legs. 

So to are spinal column curvature, lumber muscle length, leg socket alignment, gait and sciatic nerves effected, by core muscular atrophy. Core muscular strength directly relates to hip/sacrum ligament strength.

This matter appears to be evident in elderly people, that have chronic pelvic mal-alignment conditions. Their soft weak abdominal muscles anchored to hip bones, which themselves are weakly bonded to the pelvic structure. Degeneration of ligament tissue strength resulting in loss of spinal and leg support. 

I believe that this degeneration can be reversed by doing simple MacBac Remedial exercise routines.

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Explore my MacBac Case Studies and discover how pelvic trauma from every-day activity has changed lives for the better.

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