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Case Studies

Looking for lower or chronic back pain relief that you have control over?

Take the time to read the following Case Studies from just some of the many people who have benefited from their life changing results by their use of the Macbac to improve core and abdominal strength.

Editors Note:
Sometimes the Case Studies will refer to the S.A.M.  This is the original name of the MacBac Remedial and the two names can be used interchangeably.

Tony Dark

On Wednesday, 3 May 2000, I played basketball in Traralgon. On the Thursday, I felt a slight pain in my lower back.  

By Friday the pain was worse. (On a scale of 1-10 it was an 8) 

I was going to see a chiropractor as soon as possible.

Tom came in for a visit and fitted me with a S.A.M. Within the first 5 minutes of having the  S.A.M. on I felt two slight twinges in my higher back, around the neck region. 

Within 20- 30 minutes of exercising with the S.A.M. , I felt one more twinge in my lower back. 

Within two days of using the S.A.M. , the pain was almost gone. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending the S.A.M. for use for painful backs. 

David Wells.

Dear Tom,
I was many years ago diagnosed with a lower back injury, from lifting wood, which had left me with repetitive sciatica problems.

These problems were manifested in numbness in both legs and a minor aching, rather than severe pain, and were at first intermittent in nature, depending on the activities which I undertook.

Sitting for long periods especially led to the problem flaring.
It was common in the morning to wake with these problems – so much so that I often had to use a walking stick.
After a short time of using the S.A.M, these problems disappeared. I, like some others, have not been as assiduous as I should have been, but I will describe my experience briefly.

At first use, a discomfort in my lower back, which settles down after a few days. The numbness disappears and there is little or no discomfort.
After a day or so, without using the S.A.M, there is a tingling sensation in the lower area of my back and on the second, or third day, the numbness and pain returns. Two days of using the S.A.M. and it disappears.
The longer I use the S.A.M. regularly, the longer it takes for the discomfort to reappear.
I use the S.A.M in the morning, when I remember at lunch time at work, and in the evening.

After the first couple of times there was no discomfort in the appliance. It is particularly useful to use when I’m driving – thereby altering this facet of my life style from causing discomfort, to fixing it!
I like it and will continue to use it.

Gary Hislop

In April 1994 my brother and I were working on our boat. I fell 4 meters from the boat  breaking my wrist and pelvis putting me in hospital.  I was off work for 4 months.

From that time on, I suffered from a lot of hip pain and lower back pain. Physiotherapists and bone crunches only provided temporary relief.

About 6 months ago I met Tom, and he had this rough looking device, made out of pieces of wood, shackles and turn buckles, that he brought into my workshop, wanting to develop the device into a saleable product. 

Tom set up one of the S.A.M and convinced me to give it a try, as I was suffering from a painful hip and lower back.

So I gave it a try, and within 5 minutes of putting the S.A.M. on and exercising with it, I could feel immediate relief. For the next week I used it daily with very good results. I used the Sam for a further 2 months with marked improvement.

One day at work something moved in my hips, and I was in severe pain. I rested from using the S.A.M for a week, and started to improve, and had relief from the pain.

I started using the S.A.M. on a daily basis, very lightly. I now suffered very little hip and lower back pain after a days work.

If I use the S.A.M. it clears the minor pain up. I have been using it for a further 3 months with good results. I

t is good now, not to have the constant pain and discomfort that I once had.

Bill Allardyce

I am writing to follow up on our conversations over the past weeks in regard to your new Revolutionary Back Exerciser Regime, the S.A.M Exerciser. I have been a sufferer of chronic back pain for many years. In the recent weeks that I have been using the S.A.M. Exerciser, I have noticed that my physical strength has increased considerably, especially my stomach and back muscles. I am very pleased with the S.A.M. Exerciser and now feel very confident that it will restore my back to its original physical strength.

I have also noticed that my general health has improved by using the S.A.M.Exerciser. I believe that this is because of the isometric exercise. Although your product is designed to exercise the Back and Stomach muscles, I find that it is also exercising other muscles and also I believe it is exercising my internal organs.

I know that this is difficulty to assess but I do know that my overall well being and health has improved. Tom, I sincerely thank you for giving me the opportunity to use your unique exerciser and feel sure that its use will help many back pain sufferers in the future, not to mention improver their general health.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the S.A.M Exerciser to anyone and if I can be of any assistance in medical trials, or supporting your project in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Bill Allardyce, Managing Director
March 2000

Gary Cleland

The S.A.M Exerciser was introduced to me as an alternative to a long drawn out exercise program, for back pain control, after a minor lower back operation. It was necessary to rehabilitate, and this started off at 20-30 minutes a day, progressing to 3-4 hours a day at the gym, to build abdominal muscles to help control the pain [pain management]. This was eating into my lifestyle far to much.

When I saw Tom McKernan with the S.A.M Exerciser I was interested to find there might be another way to get the same results requiring less time. So after having a S.A.M Exerciser fitted, I set out to see how much the unit would help. Almost straight away it was giving results. After four weeks I had it refitted, and to my amazement the S.AM. Exerciser seems to have re-aligned my back. The new fitting is working well, and now I believe I am getting better results in 20-30 minutes each day, than I was, spending hours at the gym.

To get results, you need to take a positive approach to your own health, I believe this is what the S.A.M. Exerciser and the gym have in common. So finally the S.A.M Exerciser has given me back a life with health.

Gary Cleland
September 1999

Charlie Hall

I have tested the SARD ( the previous name for the S.A.M.EX) over a period of six months, commencing   in 1998.
Before wearing the SARD I EXPERIENCED LOWER BACK PAIN. I have worn the SARD fairly consistently for up to half an hour per day. Some times this has been impossible to do, but most time it has been to my advantage to have the SARD on and relieve the back pain symptoms.
I have also had relief from shoulder pain whilst wearing the SARD.
Bowel motions have been regulated and been easier, and over the last six months, I have lost eight kilograms in weight.
Bad point ~ fitting and adjusting catches still need to be refined. Difficult to put on by myself.
Overall: The SARD has relieved my back pain and generally has improved my health.

Wendy Woodbridge

I, Wendy Woodbridge started to use Mr Tom McKernans Back exercise machine early June 1998.
Over the past 4 years I have had extensive back and hip problems and have requested the services of a variety of chiropractors, physiotherapists and doctors.
All of the above options have given me no relief.
This machine acts as an exerciser and strengthener for the stomach muscles, which has abled me to stand up straight and walk without limping.

By using this machine, my hips have begun to strengthen and my circulation has improved. Due to the working of my stomach muscles, I have noticed an improvement in my digestive activities { gastric disorders }.
I have found, that for a sustained result, the continual use of this machine is essential – which is a great motivation to keep in shape.

Explore my MacBac Case Studies and discover how pelvic trauma from every-day activity has changed lives for the better.

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