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Resolving Activity Caused Back Pain

Case Study: Jarrod Coate


As you can see, from Jarrod’s account of his chronic back pain causes, his previous chronic back pain management had failed, due to ineffective treatment for chronic back pain.

The correct chronic back pain treatment for his back and hip pain was a series of Macbac Remedial exercise routines. His back and hip pain were symptoms the came from mal-aligned hips. For Jarrod, effective chronic back pain management involved using the right chronic back pain treatment, to restore proper, healthy alignment of his hip and scarum bones.

His symptoms were probably random, but disturbing enough for him to try the Macbac Remedial exercise routines, after years of ineffective chronic back pain treatment.    

It is obvious that Jarrod’s abdominal and core muscles were stronger than the ligament tissues, which bound his hip and sacrum bones in their structural mal-alignment. Jarrod was able to use his abdominal muscles, against the Macbac plates, to fix the actual cause, in two days (a rare event).

Jarrod’s Macbac Remedial exercise routines, effectively compound the retractile forces that his strong abdominal muscles could applied, inside his lower trunk. The resulting forces produced by tensing abdominals and pushing them against the Macbac, translated into hip shifting forces that restored proper, hip to sacrum alignment.  

EXIT chronic back pain causes. ENTER lasting chronic back pain relief.   

Which Type of Pelvic Trauma Do You Experience?

Case Study: Sean Barry

Sean has the distinction of being the quickest to fix an activity caused, chronic back pain condition. Sean’s hip sacrum mal-alignment was caused by awkwardly lifting heavy gear, when he was thirteen years old.

Between ages 13 and 28, his chronic back pain management consisted of ineffective treatment for chronic back pain. At age twenty eight, he used a Macbac Remedial to compound the retractile forces that his abdominal muscles had.

A series of Macbac Remedial exercise routines, for twenty minutes, allowed his abdominal muscles to produce the internal muscular forces required, to pull his mal-aligned hip and sacrum bones, back into proper structural alignment.

EXIT chronic back pain causes. ENTER genuine chronic back pain relief.

Explore my MacBac Case Studies and discover how pelvic trauma from every-day activity has changed lives for the better.

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