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Abdominal Exercise Machines
-The MacBac Revolution

Meet the MacBac, an exerciser unlike other abdominal exercise machines.
Back pain happens for a variety of reasons and not all causes are treatable. But for work, sport and particular chronic lower back pain types, effective and lasting treatment exists in the MacBac remedial process. It even works for sedentary caused back pain, because the Macbac is the only effective sedentary abdominal exerciser in existence.

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Girl demonstrates how the MacBac fits around her waistThe MacBac Remedial fits snugly around
the waist and is easy to remove

But Why the MacBac?- Tom's Story.

After many years of chronic lower back pain in 1997 I started to experiment with building my abdominal strength. From those early abdominal workouts I discovered that I could take control and over time free myself of my back pain.

In the process I have developed the Macbac abdominal exerciser and over the last 15 years have worked with many people to give them the power to alleviate their back pain.

Read just some of their case studies and watch Jake.

Case Study: Jake Kain
Lower back injuries caused by football and motorcross riding. 


The MacBac: Unlike Other Abdominal Exercise Machines

Essentially, the Macbac remedial process works by applying a rigid exercise platform against the abdominal muscles. Each user works their muscles by doing a series of tense, hold, relax; tense, hold, relax workouts.
Several benefits occur as the exercising is done. The first is a feeling of being fully supported in the lower trunk region. Then back, lower back and sciatic pain symptoms diminish, [chronic back pain], and back pain symptoms vanish, [athletes and repetitive physical actions like concreting or digging].
Core strength rejuvenation and abdominal muscular rejuvenation are the obvious effects of Macbac workouts.
The good news is that many back complaints can be helped by Macbac worked abdominal muscles. Core strength rejuvenation and abdominal muscular rejuvenation result with each exercise session. Back pain and lower back pain symptoms abate, or cease with each work out session.

Profound lower back stability gains become apparent in the first month, with advanced Macbac workouts translating into pelvic structural re-alignments.
This is why Macbac workouts produce lower back stability and often eliminate the lower back, back and sciatic symptoms. For myself, and I have worked my way out of very bad back pains, I’m offering you a chance to treat the cause by working your abdominal muscles.
Ironic really, you will learn how to fix your back by rejuvenating your abdominal muscles. In fact, with a Macbac you will never use your back muscles, because their welfare is governed by the strength of your abdominal muscles.

Case Study: Simon Sheridan
I've used the MacBac for 6 weeks and retrained my posture alignment and strengthened my core musculature.


Please contact us
to own, hire or use the MacBac in your own business and home.

Explore my MacBac Case Studies and discover how pelvic trauma from every-day activity has changed lives for the better.

Please contact us
to own, hire or use the MacBac in your own business and home.

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