Lower Back Pain Relief You Can Rely On

Two powerful allies in your search for core strength and a pain free lower back...

The MacBac Core
Measure your true core strength


The MacBac Remedial
Lower back support for abdominals


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Is this your lower back and hip pain experience?

  • You are trapped.
  • A long time suffering from lower back pain? Days, Months, Years?
  • Multiple specialists have provided little or no improvement?
  • Have you been threatened with an operation? 

Looking for a drug free, inexpensive alternative?

Introducing the MacBac Remedial - created by Tom McKernan to treat the cause to fix the symptoms

Throughout this site you will find one clear solution mixed with a dose of common sense.  Exercise is great and necessary but there has been a missing ingredient!

MacBac demonstrated fitting around the waist.MacBac Remedial providing an exercise platform for the abdominal muscles.

Ongoing lower back pain, and/or sciatica are like an endless tunnel of pain. You may have successfully adjusted how you do things, like altering the way you bend and walk, but particular pain symptoms remind you that the basic problem is still there.

Are you tired of

  • the pain?
  • missing out on picking up your young children?
  • no comfortable, recreational time in the garden?
  • back pain from sitting for long periods?
  • not able to stand for more than 15 minutes without pain? 
  • pain ridden - sleepless nights?
  • family, friends and colleagues thinking you are making it all up?

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Exercises For Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief.

Watch and Learn proven sciatica exercises to relieve sciatica pain

Simon Sheridan

If I breathe out and push my abdominal muscles against the front and the back and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds I get a really good exercise.

By doing that daily over a 6 week period, I have found that the pinching feeling of sciatica that I had on my left side has remarkably gone down. I’m quite excited about the future I have now that I am feeling fully healed in body and mind.

Simon Sheridan
Watch Simon's full video case study.

Jarrod Coate

Following a work related injury, Jarrod lived with regular pain and a rotated hip. Once he began working with the MacBac, his hips were back in place and the back pain completely eliminated.

Aaron McDonald


Jake Kain




Brett Rosel


The MacBac Remedial is two carefully designed contoured plates, that wrap about your lower trunk to provide your abdominals with genuine static contraction resistance.

This simple set of rigid plates enables you to exercise your abdominal muscles, independently. This means zero spinal motion.

The MacBac Remedial is a rigid exercise platform for the abdominals and core strength muscles that govern lower back stability. MACBAC exercising eliminates lower back pain because it activates and rejuvenates core strength muscles.

My name is Tom McKernan and I constructed the original MacBac Remedial to solve MY back problems and it worked.  I then showed my friends and again it worked by solving THEIR back problems.

Now I am showing it to YOU! Che. Hema thought it was so terrific he even composed a song!

Che. Hema


Che. Hema's Song Thanking The MacBac


The MacBac Remedial treats the cause to produce lower back pain relief.

The MacBac Remedial is unique, non -electrical, non invasive and is portable. It is a static contraction exercise device that physically supports your lower back, as you effectively exercise your abdominals.

Does building profound core strength gradients, with zero spinal and leg movement appeal to you? It should! Exit fragile hips and enter firm, self-support!

That’s MacBac remedial exercising, the supreme abdominal exerciser. Static contraction exercising that’s so simple. And it works!

Within two days of using the S.A.M. , the pain was almost gone. 

Tony Dark, 2000